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The practice of criminal defense is an both an art and a science, and those that spend every day strengthening those skills are the most prepared to defend you against the power of the government.


Strong trial skills are a must. Even if you choose to resolve your case with a plea agreement, it is the threat posed by a powerful trial attorney that drives the prosecutor to "deal" the case. Thorough investigation is critical in every case. A busy attorney may be tempted not to look carefully into a case if it is obvious

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it is a "loser" anyway. THIS IS A MISTAKE. Uncovering any evidence which weakens the case against you can cause the prosecutor to fear a loss at trial, and this can help you greatly in plea negotiations.


I have successfully defended hundreds of those that have been charged with crimes in Colorado. I have a strong trial record when defending the accused. If you choose to resolve your case with a plea agreement, you can expect me to fight for the best possible outcome, and to minimize the consequences that you will face. Every stone will be turned to make sure you are in the best bargaining position possible.


When your Freedom and your Liberty are at stake, a skilled Colorado criminal defense attorney can be your greatest ally. Your choice for an attorney is critical, and can make the difference in the outcome of your case, and your life. Regardless of the crime you are charged with, I understand what this means in your life, and to your future. You should expect powerful, high-quality criminal defense. And you should not settle for less.


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