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Charged with Domestic Violence?

Colorado criminal defense attorney David Suro has been successfully representing clients in criminal and civil cases since 1994. When it comes to fighting domestic violence charges, experience matters. His experience and track record are why clients in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado choose David Suro as their criminal defense attorney and advocate. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony contact the Suro Law Firm today.


What Is Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence (also known as domestic abuse or spousal abuse) occurs when a family member, partner or former partner attempts to


physically or psychologically harm another. Domestic violence often

refers to violence between spouses, or spousal abuse but can also

include cohabitants and non-married intimate partners. Domestic violence is perpetrated by both men and women.


Domestic violence has many forms, including physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation, and threats of violence. Violence in the home is a criminal offence and includes physical assault (hitting, pushing, shoving, etc.), sexual abuse (unwanted or forced sexual activity), and stalking.


The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be very serious, including: incarceration, probation, fines, registration with law enforcement, and perhaps most damaging, a criminal record that severely limits future opportunities in work and private life.


Domestic violence charges are serious and the outcome of a domestic violence case should be carefully considered with the help of a domestic violence defense attorney.


How can a Defense Attorney Help?


If you have been charged with domestic violence in Colorado, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Hiring a criminal defense attorney will ensure that your case is carefully evaluated by a legal professional with the experience it takes to successfully contest your criminal charges. The Suro Law Firm has successfully represented a wide array of domestic violence cases and has obtained positive outcomes for our clients.


If you are facing a domestic violence charge of any kind, contact the Suro Law Firm for an initial consultation. We will carefully discuss your case and the options available to you. No two cases are alike and it is important that you receive appropriate legal advice for your situation.




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