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Probation is a form of sentencing imposed after a conviction. It can be either the entire sentence, or a part of a sentence, coming at the end of jail time served. When placed on probation, the defendant has to adhere to all the terms of the probation sentence, which can include: timely contact with a probation officer, avoiding contact with certain people or places, maintaining employment and successful completion of drug or alcohol treatment programs. If any of the terms of probation are violated, the defendant will be charged with a probation violation, and in some cases, the sentence of a violation can be longer or more severe than the original sentence.


How can a Defense Attorney Help?

Due to the serious penalties involved, we suggest speaking with an

experienced probation violation attorney as soon as charges are filed.

A probation violation may not sound as serious as the original charge, but given that a conviction can result in jail time even if there was no jail time served on the original crime, speaking to an attorney is important. A seasoned probation attorney will work with the prosecutor and judge to negotiate an acceptable solution, potentially involving reduced sentencing or alternatives to jail time.


If you have been or will be charged with a probation violation contact the Suro Law Firm for your initial consultation. The initial consult is free and an attorney may be able to reach a reduced sentence or a dismissal of the violation charge.



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