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Charged with a VIOLENT CRIME?

A violent crime is a criminal act involving physical and / or verbal force. An offender doesn’t need to use a weapon for an offense to be considered a violent crime. Common violent crimes include: robbery, rape, murder and felony assault. All violent crime convictions carry serious consequences and penalties are often increased in light of gun possession, a prior criminal history or aggravated perpetration of these crimes. Circumstances such as addiction or improper search and seizure can help in the defense of a violent crime case, but only with the help of an experienced defense attorney.


How can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?


The criminal justice system is unlike civil court or divorce court. An

experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to present to a

grand jury, when to negotiate a plea and how to handle a violent crime case if it goes to trial. David Suro was a public defender in Colorado and handled cases from the prosecutors table for years. As a defense attorney, he brings the same passion and expertise to the defense table, providing legal counsel and effective litigation on behalf of every client.


If you have been charged with a violent crime in Colorado, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney working on your behalf. Hiring an experienced attorney will ensure that your case is handled carefully and every argument in your defense is brought to bear during the course of your case. Get in touch today to discuss your charges. The initial consult is free, and we will review your case and discuss the options available to you during your criminal case.



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