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Anyone living in Colorado is probably aware of the legislation being passed which allow many adults to use marijuana and derivative products legally. What some Coloradans are finding out the hard way is that along with the laws allowing more legal use of marijuana the legislature is also passing new regulations on marijuana use, possession and levels of intoxication. Here are some points to keep in mind:


Drivers Can be Legally Intoxicated by Marijuana


There is a Marijuana ‘Open Container’ Law


Drivers Can be Charged with a DUI for Marijuana Intoxication


Although marijuana regulations are new and the legal precedents are still being set, with almost two decades as a DUI attorney in Denver, the Suro Law Firm can give you the following general guidelines on how to approach the use of marijuana if you are using it for medical purposes or plan to use marijuana under the new recreational use guidelines which will go on the books soon. First, marijuana is an intoxicant, use it carefully. Regardless of your medical circumstances, Colorado law enforcement agencies will continue to look for drug use in much the same way as they look for alcohol use in DUI stops and DUI prosecutions.


Keep your legal marijuana and marijuana products locked in the trunk. The marijuana ‘open container’ law is in effect. Having your marijuana in the passenger compartment leaves you open to arrest. The glove box, center console and back seat can all be considered part of the passenger compartment under the law.


As a general rule, think of marijuana use as you would alcohol use. The only way to completely avoid a DUI stop, or a DUI charge is to avoid using intoxicants before you drive. If you a planning on using alcohol or marijuana, make sure you have a safe way to arrive home.


A DUI-D charge for driving under the influence of drugs, including marijuana, is every bit as serious as being charged with a DUI for alcohol use. If you need to discuss a criminal case or would like to speak with a Denver DUI attorney for any reason, get in touch with the Suro Law Firm for a free consultation.


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