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In the state of Colorado, some of the crimes defined as sex crimes include: rape, sexual assault, sexual contact with a minor (statutory rape) and indecent exposure. The majority of sex crimes are considered felonies, which means that a conviction can result in considerable jail time, as well as fines and the addition of the defendant’s information to a sex offender registry. Investigations for sex crimes are thorough and will involve the defendant and their friends and family.


Being investigated for a sex crime can often disrupt a defendants personal life, career and if the trial ends in a conviction will have long lasting consequences. Once a person’s name is added to a sex



Should Defendants Hire an Attorney?


Yes. The state of Colorado takes sex crimes very seriously and so should the defendant of a sex crime charge. Regardless of the severity of a sex crime, the penalties for sex crime convictions last longer than other criminal penalties. If you have been questioned about or charged with a sex crime, you should speak to a defense attorney soon. An experienced sex crime defense attorney can work with your specific case and help you toward a positive outcome while potentially avoiding a costly and invasive criminal trial. Get in touch with the Suro Law team today if you are involved in a sex crime case.

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