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Navigating domestic violence allegations requires a legal team with the experience and sensitivity to address the complexities involved in each unique case. At Suro Law, we understand the gravity of domestic violence charges and the impact they can have on individuals and families. David Suro is a dedicated domestic violence attorney committed to providing comprehensive legal support, ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Defining Domestic Violence: Recognizing and Understanding Abusive Behaviors

Colorado defines domestic violence (also known as domestic abuse or domestic assault) as “a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner.” While domestic violence often refers to violence between spouses, it can also occur between cohabitants and non-married intimate partners. Domestic violence is perpetrated by both men and women.
Domestic violence has many forms, including physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation, and threats of violence. Violence in the home is a criminal offense and includes physical assault (hitting, pushing, shoving, etc.), sexual abuse (unwanted or forced sexual activity), and stalking.

Domestic Violence as a Sentence Enhancer

You might be surprised to learn that domestic violence is not considered a standalone offense in the state of Colorado; instead, it is a “sentence enhancer,” meaning that it is tacked onto another crime as an aggravating circumstance. This means that if someone commits a crime against a current or previous intimate partner, the consequences are more severe.

For example, if someone were to assault or harass an intimate partner, they would face harsher penalties as a result of the domestic violence enhancer that would be applied to the crime.

If you or a loved one is facing domestic violence charges and needs legal support, reach out to Suro Law for a Denver domestic violence lawyer you can trust.

Understanding the Ramifications of Domestic Violence Convictions

Because domestic violence is a sentence enhancer rather than a standalone crime, the penalties depend predominantly on the specific crime that was committed (i.e. criminal mischief, assault, harassment, etc.). As a result, consequences vary significantly and can include: incarceration, probation, fines, registration with law enforcement, and (perhaps most damaging) a criminal record that severely limits future opportunities in one’s work and private life.

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Colorado, make sure to have an experienced domestic assault attorney on your side. A domestic violence defense attorney in Denver can carefully evaluate your case to contest criminal charges wherever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Domestic Violence Charges in Colorado

The state of Colorado defines an intimate partnership as a relationship between:

  • Spouses, current or former
  • Unmarried couples, current or former
  • Parents of the same child, regardless of whether or not they are/were married or live/have lived together

Yes, Colorado has a mandatory arrest law in domestic violence cases. If law enforcement arrives at a residence and has probable cause to believe that a confrontation involved domestic violence, they are required to arrest someone.

This law is in place to maintain the safety of everyone involved. However, it also means that there are almost immediate legal repercussions for an alleged abuser in a domestic violence case. This is true even if the alleged victim does not want to press charges.

Protection orders are legal orders designed to protect individuals from harassment, abuse, or threats. In domestic violence cases, a protection order is automatically issued to restrict contact between the parties involved.

There are three different types of protection orders in Colorado:

  • Temporary Protection Orders (TPOs): TPOs are emergency orders, meant to protect an alleged victim until a court hearing occurs. 
  • Mandatory Protection Orders (MPOs): MPOs are issued at the outset of a criminal case and remain open as long as the case does. They prevent certain types of contact between the alleged victim and the alleged abuser.
  • Permanent Protection Orders (PPOs): Issued at the end of a case/hearing, PPOs are permanent. While they can be dismissed, an individual is not allowed to petition for dismissal before 7 years have passed.

Violating any type of protection order carries serious consequences. If you have a protection order against you, we highly recommend adhering to its terms, so as not to negatively impact the outcome of your case or incur additional penalties. If you need help understanding the terms of your protection order, the domestic abuse lawyers at Suro Law can help.

Protection orders and restraining orders serve similar purposes but differ in their legal bases. Protection orders often arise from criminal cases, while restraining orders are typically civil and can be sought independently of criminal charges.

Hiring an attorney is essential in domestic violence cases to ensure your rights are protected. Domestic violence lawyers can provide expert guidance, build a strategic defense, and advocate for the best possible outcome. No one should have to go through legal proceedings alone; a domestic assault lawyer is a solid advocate that will support you throughout the process.

Suro Law Can Handle Your Domestic Violence Case

Suro Law is dedicated to providing compassionate and expert legal representation in domestic violence cases. We possess the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the intricacies of domestic violence laws in Colorado. By choosing Suro Law, you gain a committed legal partner dedicated to safeguarding your rights and achieving the best possible resolution for your case. Don’t face domestic violence charges alone; let Suro Law be your advocate during this challenging time.

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