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At Suro Law, we understand that accidents can happen anywhere, often due to unsafe conditions on another person’s property. Slip and fall accidents, a common form of premises liability, can result in painful injuries and significant medical expenses. Our dedicated team of attorneys is here to assist victims of slip and fall incidents in Denver, Colorado, and ensure they receive the legal support and compensation they deserve.

Premises Liability vs. Slip & Fall: What’s the Difference?

In Colorado, premises liability and slip and fall cases are closely related but differ in scope.
  • Premises liability is a legal concept that encompasses a broader range of incidents where individuals are injured due to unsafe conditions on another person’s property. It includes not only slip and fall accidents but also injuries caused by conditions like inadequate maintenance, negligent security, or hazardous structural defects.
  • Slip and fall cases are a specific subset of premises liability. These cases typically involve individuals who have slipped, tripped, or fallen on a property due to unsafe conditions, such as wet floors, uneven surfaces, or poorly maintained walkways.
While premises liability includes a wider array of scenarios, slip and fall cases focus specifically on injuries resulting from these types of accidents. Both legal concepts place a duty of care on property owners and occupants to maintain a reasonably safe environment.

Understanding Colorado’s Slip and Fall Laws

Colorado has specific laws governing slip and fall cases, with a focus on the duty of care owed by property owners or occupants to those who enter their premises. Here are some of the key elements of slip and fall laws in Colorado:
  • Duty of Care: Property owners in Colorado have a legal obligation to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition and to warn visitors of any known hazards. This duty extends to both the property owner and any occupant responsible for the property’s safety.
  • Comparative Negligence: Colorado follows a modified comparative negligence rule, which means that if the injured party is found to be partially at fault for the accident, their compensation may be reduced in proportion to their degree of fault. If the victim’s fault exceeds 50%, they may not recover any compensation.
  • Notice: In slip and fall cases, it’s important to establish that the property owner had notice of the dangerous condition. This can be either actual notice (they knew about it) or constructive notice (they should have known about it). Proving notice is a critical element in a premises liability case because it demonstrates that the property owner or occupant was aware of the dangerous condition and failed to address it.

Statute of Limitations on Slip and Fall/Premises Liability Cases

In Colorado, slip and fall cases are subject to a statute of limitations – a strict deadline for when you must file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations on these types of cases is typically two years from the date the accident occurred. Please note that even if you have a valid reason to file a claim, the courts will likely reject it if it is filed after this date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Premises Liability in Colorado

After a slip and fall accident (or any premises liability matter), we recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention, as your health is the top priority.
  2. Document the scene by taking photographs of the hazard, your injuries, and the overall environment.
  3. Gather contact information from any witnesses who saw the accident.
  4. Report the incident to the property owner, manager, or supervisor, ensuring that a written report is filed.

Completing these steps will prove immensely beneficial in your case if you do decide to file a lawsuit later on.

Fault in a Colorado slip and fall case is determined by assessing whether the property owner or occupant acted negligently by failing to maintain a safe environment or warn visitors about hazards. To establish fault, you need to prove that the property owner or occupant had a duty of care, breached that duty, and that the breach was the direct cause of your injuries.

Yes, you can still file a claim even if you bear some responsibility for the accident. The state of Colorado adheres to a comparative negligence rule, meaning that your own role in the accident (if any) impacts the amount of compensation you receive. For example, if you are found responsible for 25% of the accident, you will receive 25% less in financial compensation from the defendant.

If you are found to have had a majority role in your accident (i.e. you were 50% or more responsible), you will lose your eligibility for financial compensation altogether. We strongly recommend working with a team of premises liability attorneys who are able to help you combat this “50%” defense and maximize the financial compensation you ultimately receive.

While there is no specific time limit for notifying the property owner, it’s best to report the incident as soon as possible to ensure that any evidence is preserved. Prompt notification can help establish a timeline of events and demonstrate that you took reasonable steps to inform the property owner about the accident.

In a Colorado slip and fall case, you may be eligible to recover a range of damages, including:

  •  Medical expenses, including current and future costs related to your injuries.
  • Lost wages if your injuries resulted in time away from work.
  • Pain and suffering, which encompasses physical and emotional distress.
  • Property damage, if personal belongings were damaged in the accident.
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs, if either were necessary for your recovery.

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At Suro Law, we understand the challenges that slip and fall victims face in their pursuit of justice. Our experienced team has a deep understanding of Colorado’s premises liability laws and is committed to helping you navigate any legal complexities you may be facing. When you choose Suro Law to represent you, you can expect compassionate support, thorough investigation and unwavering dedication to your case.

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